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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first time posting a topic on here. I was wondering if anyone out there could possibly help me out. I come to Bergen every six weeks or so. Does anyone know where I could possibly fish for trout with either a fly or spinner. I England I do alot of reservoir fishing for rainbow trout and I'm slowly bringing my fishing gear over here. I've got a couple if fly rods and a couple of spinning rods. Basically I've got 4 questions to ask. 1. Where can I mainly fish for trout and salmon with either a fly or spinner near Bergen? 2. Do I need a national road licence and where would I buy a day ticket for the river or lake? 3. Are there any like that I can fish for in or near Bergen? 4. Lastly, when I come to Bergen I stay in fyllingsdalen and there's a lake about 200m from me. It's called Storavatnet. Does anyone know if theres any fish in it? Fished a few times without even a bite. Thank you for taking time to read this. Vince Aronica
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