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Fishing charters

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Hello All,

I am looking to do a little fishing from a boat this weekend but am having a little trouble finding charters in the Oslo Fjord. Does any know where there are charters/party boats that go out often? Or if anyone is ever looking for someone to help pay for fuel/bait and assist with cleanup let me know, I would be more than willing to join someone out there. Thanks for the help and consideration!

Tight Lines,


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:thumbsup: I think you have to depend on some of the users of this forum for the weekend. As fare as I know there is no regular charterfishing.

But I will suggest if you live permanently/for a longer period in the area, join a fishing club. They hire boats during fall/vinter/spring evenly.

If you will hire som of this boats you need to be at least 5-8 people to get an reasonable price. Mostly the fishingboats will have residence in Drøbak or Holmestrand.

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