Going fishing in (on?) TJØME

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Not sure if im in the correct forum, admin can move this post then i guess :)

But in a couple of weeks im going to TJØME and ofc want to bring my rods :) Any pointers of what to bring and where to fish?

I got my #7 and #8 flyrods and some 13' spinningrod i will start using for baitfishing, what kind of fishing can be exspected there? Looks like a beautiful area and going to "The end of the world" always sound interesting :)

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No one? :) Does that mean that its like alot of places iv seen, every square cm is packed with sunbathing Norweigans and other tourists? :) No place to fish? :)

Well will be heading there today, staying on a boat in the Tjöme guestharbour for a few days so will definately try to get some fishing in in the area :) Got access to car to so can move around a bit..

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