New to Skien - Just moved from London - Can I fish Ørret in Heivannet, Skien?

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I am learning Norwegian, so currently English is my only option. 


I just joined Fiske i Siljan, but i live in Bøle, Skien, and moved here only 4 weeks ago. Looking on the maps, Heivannet looks like my closest good Fjord for Ørret. it looks like it falls just outside the green circle for Siljan club....

However, on the first map, which is the second image I have attached it clearly shows Heivannet and Skisjø as being within the areas permitted!

Can I fish there? Where do I pay for a day ticket or join to fish there without any issues? It is 12 minutes from home, would be amazing and save me some fuel and time. 


i have attached a map of where the boundaries are.


Tusen takk :)

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 21.34.45.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 21.45.46.png

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There is a cooperation between several fishing organizations so all you need is one fishing licence to fish in approx. 200 lakes in the area, which includes Heivannet.

Here you can buy fishinglicence and see the map:





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