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  1. Loads of campingspots near the shore all the way up the west coast. Use the same flies and the same methods you use in Denmark, will do fine. I summer its best fishing in the darker hour like in the evening and night. Search for public bading spots, these will be a good strating point. Many of the more rural ones are ok for camping, view the links under. Some usefull links: https://www.visitnorway.com/plan-your-trip/travel-tips-a-z/right-of-access/ https://www.midt-agderfriluft.no/kart https://www.kristiansand.kommune.no/globalassets/kultur-idrett-og-fritid/friluftsliv/badeplasser-og-friluftsomrader.pdf http://www.ryfri.no http://www.nrshf.no/dsp_artikkel.cfm?Level1_id=26837&type=1&type=1 https://www.bof.no And so on. When you found some areas you might wonne post here and you might get som more advices.
  2. Keep it simple, i dont use softbatestuff so I would go for those above. Also good are lures in copper-silver and gold:Stingsild and Møresild are usefull and catches most fish in the sea, You could get them in different brands and prices. For freshwater use small spinner and simple copper and silver lures, I use 4-6 gr. Lures that works are Spinner and Spesial, anything looking like them. Slow speed works well. Remember good waterproof clothing and warm clothes, it can be cold also during summer. Places, try to get to the Røynholm boat harbour a little bit north of city center (3 km?), a lot of area to fish along the shore and rocks.
  3. Supert, gratulerar, du har gjort ein god jobb med innkjøp så dette vert du nok nøgd med. Men kast i veg, du klarar ikkje legge deg til nokre vaner i løpet av 4 veker uansett, senk skuldrene og kos deg :-)
  4. this might be useful: http://tursti.kvinnherad.no/?lang=en
  5. 2,4 m rod and 2500 reel will work, but is a little light, what lure weight are you using. For fjord fishing i would go for 4500 reel with 0.35 - 0.40 line mono, lure weight 15-30 grams. You ll get cod, pollack, mackrell up to 3 kg ( most around 1 kg), and up to 5 if lucky. Fish is ok to eat. For freshwater, brown trout that is, lureweight 2-10 gram, i use 0.20 mono. Most fish will be in the 100-300 gram range, and with some searching you might cross 0.5-1 kg. Some area have fishing license and some are free. Ask the local outdoor shop in rosendal, good place Check out http://www.frivest.no/ and go to kvinnherad. (but cant see anything in rosendal). Do you have a car? Are used to and willing to hike some steep mountain slopes?
  6. www.bof.no and search for Tyssøy, great spot, also goes bus out her, go to the bay on the south side and hang around on the rocks. Bring some spinning gear also. Also good spots all the way around. Grønevika is another one.
  7. I would not eat the fish inside her because of its recomended not to: https://www.miljostatus.no/bergen But its a good fishing spot, always spot som cod and sometimes seatrout here during winter.
  8. Start of with these: https://www.flue.no/products/wooly-bugger-black-long-shank-nohead https://www.flue.no/products/wooly-bugger-white-nohead Alrounder for most fish.
  9. Not when it comes to cod. During summer they will go deeper because of watertemp, these days they are going shallow. Remember that its a difference between ocean cod (skrei) and local cod (kysttorsk) when it comes to habitat.
  10. FLy fishing for cod and pollack are all year activity, but best in autum-winter-spring. For cod pick any shallow sand-gravel beach with some vegetation, were the cod normally search for crabs and shrimps. Good bading places are often good cod places. Then you just slowly walk the rocks and cliffs and look for cod feeding in the shallow. This is sight fishing, but you can fish blind. Floating line/intermediat line and wollybugger or something like that will do fine. Cold days with sun are not good, mild days without wind and light rain are good, but to much and you dont see anything. And the cod goes very shallow. This can bring in 5 fish ... or non, but great fun. Remember there are minimum size , anything under 1 kg let go is my opinion. For pollack go to areas with som cliffs were there are som depths outside. Flesland outside the airport are good places. Use sinking line, get the flies down to 2-10 m below. Fish alongside the rock and cliffs, pollack normaly patrol the edges. Wind and rain are good, on sunny days the evening are productive. Good old black or white wolly bugger works well for me. Good luck!
  11. Generelt så vil eit snøre klasse 7 eller 8 vera enklare å kaste på ei #6 stang. Dette er fordi snøret er tyngre og du treng mindre snøre ute for å spenne opp stanga slik at du kan skyte meir snøre. Tenk på det som å kaste ein 5 gr sluk kontra kaste ein 15 gr sluk med slukstang. Dette gjelder uansett om det er salt eller ferskvatn. Generelt er det lettare å kaste eit tyngre snøre kort til middels langt. Men når du skal kaste veldig langt vil eit tung snøre gjera at stanga di "svikter" når det gjeld å halde mykje snøre ute, men eg ville ikkje tenkt mykje på det til å begynne med.
  12. https://www.regjeringen.no/no/aktuelt/nytt-steg-i-arbeidet-med-helhetlig-plan-for-oslofjorden/id2627674/
  13. Tørrflue er ikkje effektivt, gøy men ikkje effektivt. Det er ikkje utan grunn at konkuransefiskarar nesten utelukkande fiskar under vassoverflata. Eg likar våtflue og streamer fordi eg får fisk og det er gøy, men det er mi subjektive oppfatning. Elles så er det bare det same som allereie er nemnd. Intermediat til sjøaure. Kjøp klasse 7, Dette kan du fint bruke til aurefiske og men ikkje tørt. Har brukt både flyt og intermediat men det er stor forskjell på desse til sjøfiske, og intermeidat er utan tvil eit betre snøre. Det ligg ei del billege snøre ute bla på salg og ebay, du kan vurdera eit slikt som fyrste snøre til å slite litt på. Kjøp billeg snelle slik TT seier, og heller vurder ein spole med flytesnøre til ferskvatn. Dersom du bruker snelle til sjø så skyll den i lunka vatn etter bruk, ellers så er sjansen veldig stor for rust.
  14. Sea trout - unfortunatly very little seatrout for the last 10-15 years around bergen and in the fjords. I and many other with me have more or less a C&R on all sea trout now. Rainbow - not normal, only som escaping from fish farms, some of them pile up around hydroelectric outputs but not in Bergen area. Some are caught on straume, and also occational some farmed salmon, but not often. Look at det map on: https://www.bof.no/omrader This is public areas and also normaly good fishing spots. BTW you do have been to good places to fish already, put som more time in to some of them. Ok trip is bus to Milde and the Arboretet, a lot of places but some walking. Pike: Grimevatn, søylevatn, Haukelandsvatnet, nestunvatnet, myravatnet - fish up all the pike you like. I would start with nestunvatnet, easy to get down to the lake.
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