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  1. I found this informator also, but I was wondering if there is aby specific place in Norway known of its huge pikes.
  2. Quick question. Where are biggest pikes in Norway. Distance does not matter. I really need to catch big fat pike this year, otherwise I am going to quit fishing :P.
  3. We would like to try catching pikes during the winter season. Wheere usually pikes are spending winter time. The lake that we use to catch pikes is long and deep, and even in a summer season water is cold (around 15 degrees). Should we look for it in a deeper water , or maybe around anderwater hills? Plz help.
  4. Great guys . Thank You for Your help. Today i visited Savalen lake, but I lost battle with a weather. -26 is more then I can take. I managed to stay on ice for 3h , and i caught 3 chars, but all of them were small, so I released them. Looking for some serious chalenge. Best Regards Pawel.
  5. I am looking for a ice fishing spots around my area, also I am new to ice fishing so I am gratefull for any information.
  6. I would like to try catch something in this lake, but i can not find any info about it. Where do I find fishing licence , and where do I can find info about regulations on this lake.? Is it allowed to use boat , if yes, can I use boat with motor? PLZ help me
  7. LiamPL

    Little help...

    I do have a car, so it`s not a problem. I do also have a inflatable 3m boat + 4hp yamaha so geting on a water is also not a problem. What about this lake Furusjoen about ten km east from Otta? What type of lake it is? BTW i took a look around Gudbrandsdalslågen and i found fishing rules . FLy fishing ONLY , so i am not gonna take my chances trying to fish there with regular spining rod. Thank You for your help. I would be gratefull for any further news about my area. And maybe You guys have an idea about any good lake for pike fishing within 200km range, so it would make a sense to go ?
  8. This my first post, so in the beginning I am saying Hello!!! Recently i moved to Otta, in Sel kommune. I am big fan of Pike fishing, that`s why I wanted to ask about some good pike waters around me. All I see around are rivers , perfect for trouts, but I have never benn fly fishing , so I would like to focus on something that I know. Any ideas guys? Best Regards.