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  1. fishing Oslo fjord in march

    Hi Bob, depending on the exact time you are here we can go fishing together. I am also fairly new to Oslo (1 year) but was out quite a bit. As far as I understood it is still a bit early for sea trout but other species like cod or hvitting should be possible to catch. There are many fishing places around and I even have some maps. So if you are interested write me a message. Also have a car Cheers
  2. Hello everybody, fishing around Oslo hasnt been too successful for me lately so I was thinking about driving down to Fredrisktad and fish on Vesterøy. Was anybody out recently and can tell me if its worth taking the trip ? Tipps for spots would also be appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi, I want to go to Rena elva tmrw for some fishing for Harr and ørret. So far I am going alone but have 3 paces in the car. So if somebody is interested in joining let me know Christoph
  4. Hi everybody, I moved to Oslo beginning of this year taking up a job at the university and have eversince picked up fishing again. I started with Haspelfiske for sjoorret and recently bought a fly fishing set . My casts are still a bit all over the place but I had my first catch on dry flies during the last few days. So far I always went out by myself or draged my girlfriend along. Would be nice to go out with other fisherman. So far I m mostly after trout but flexible on the species. Cheers, Christoph