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  1. **Video (2 min long) link below shows the action**Last year in Sweden when I walked around a public lake near my house that I have lived next to for all my life, I noticed a small opening when looking over the tree tops which got me interested. The whole area around the main lake is boggy and got very thick vegetation. But never the less, I tried to reach this area in hopes of finding some water. I tried many times without any luck since the bog got too deep and the vegetation to thick. But finally after 4 hours I found an opening! The small found water is covered deep in the bog and the surrounding "ground" at the water edge is purely made up of moss that you sink into when standing still. I think the water has been entirely untouched since it was so hard to get to.However, it held some fish! And they were strong!All the bites from the big fish was like no other I have ever caught which also showed when the line broke twice...Never had my line broke before and I have certainly caught bigger fishes. I will be sure to go back for my redemption.
  2. Im planing on moving to Norway next year and I want to move to a place that allows me to have a relatively good fishing. Which places in Norway allows me to have a good fishing experience considering the following criteria... - only fishing from land - reachable by bike - Any kind of fishing, spinning, fly, float, heavy ocean lures - fishing pike, perch in rivers/lakes. - Fishing trout in small streams Is it worth fishing in the ocean if I can only do it from land? Will I be able to catch, flounder, cod, other fish if I live in Oslo or Bergen? How does the fishing change if I live in the southern parts compared to the middle parts of Norway?
  3. Jag har fiskat gädda hela livet i Sverige! Brukar vara så om du kommer i kontakt med någon lokal så brukar den kunna ge bäst tips om plats att fiska och så köper man fiskekort. Fiskebutikerna säger lite vad som helst för att få sålt fiskekort och inte så mycket tips. Jerkbait har alltid varit en favorit ute på havet. Men i djupare sjöar/älvar fungerar nog lite mer djupgående jiggar bra. Finns en hel del älvar och åar uppe i dalarna där det finns mycket god tillgång till många olika fisksorter. Hoppas du hade ett bra fiske!
  4. Wow, what a wholesome report and amazing pictures! Did you hire a professional photographer as well haha? Must be fun to feel the weight and fight of a 40 kg + fish. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Tack för kommentaren! Bra tips, ska försöka filma mer varierat! Kommer nog någon film med flugspö snart ska du se!
  6. Hej alle! Fiske tur från i somras där jag fångade öringar i liten bäck. Berätta vad ni tycker!