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  1. Kustvatten

    Going fishing in (on?) TJØME

    No one? Does that mean that its like alot of places iv seen, every square cm is packed with sunbathing Norweigans and other tourists? No place to fish? Well will be heading there today, staying on a boat in the Tjöme guestharbour for a few days so will definately try to get some fishing in in the area Got access to car to so can move around a bit..
  2. So iv been fishing a bit from shore in Arguineguin.. :) Im not much for just sunbathing, i can take 20 mins before im bored, sweatting and red.. :D But my woman and her kid, love it so we normally combine our interests :) Brought my travel surfrod and a 9,5' 40-80gr spinningrod. Been catching loads of Lizardfish... The odd aquariumfishes of different species, been real fun :) I recommend it, next time ill bring my #7 flyrod i think instead of the surfrod.. :) http://scandinaviancoasts.blogg.se/
  3. Kustvatten

    Bö Sommaland...

    OK thanks, will bring some flyrods with me. Is it shallow or can i fish deep with streamers etc?
  4. Kustvatten

    Bö Sommaland...

    Hi dere! Kids are going to Bö Sommarland in June.. Im not much for bathing (Except involuntary ones while wading..) Is there some water around there that i can spend the day fishing with my flyrod? Preferably some streaming water but lake is fine to Im adaptive, got flyrod from #5 up to 225gr surfrod Just want to fish Thanks!
  5. Kustvatten

    Fishing from shore Oslofjord

    I and a friend will spend the last weekend in June in Olso for some fishing. We will have access to a car. So he have never cought Cod or Pollock or the like, so that will be our focus. IS there some place, general area will be ok , Where we should go for Cod and Pollock of some size in the mid of summer? We will be fishing from the shore and will have access to gear from fly #5 to 225gr surfrods for baitfishing Any advice is much appreciated
  6. Kustvatten

    Shimano Medium Baitrunner XTB Longcast?

    Anyone that owns this reel knows if there is only manual fold of the bale? No "automatic" fold?
  7. Hi dere! Can this reel be used with my 13' Lawson norweigan 30-18? For some "medium" type of coastal baitfishing? https://www.skittfiske.no/shimano/196796/shimano-medium-baitrunner-xtb-longcast Never used a Shimanoreel, (Or a baitrunner) do they handle saltwater "good"? Or will they just rust up and fall apart? thanks!
  8. Kustvatten

    No Experience in Norway

    Anything resembling a baitfish or a shrimp Some spots on a map im working on. http://scandinaviancoasts.blogg.se/2018/april/working-on-a-fishing-spot-map-for-oslofjorden.html
  9. Kustvatten

    Can i use my salmon gear for baitfishing the coast?...

    So i would like to add some flatfish to my list of cought fishes.. I have never fished That in my entire life, so zero experience. What kind of bottom Environment and depth should i look for? Iv been looking at different tackles mentioned here, so will try to rig some up Im located in Oslo, some area more suited to try?
  10. Kustvatten

    Seabass in The Oslofjord yet 2018?

    How would you rate the population? Is It scarce, growing in numbers But declining in size?
  11. Kustvatten

    Seabass in The Oslofjord yet 2018?

    Thats nice Going to Oslo this weekend again, hoping on netting at least one SB this summer Havent really been targeting it speciffically (As im not really read up on areas and time of day early season ) But i did buy the "Havabborr på flue" DVD :)...
  12. Kustvatten

    Seabass in The Oslofjord yet 2018?

    Ah great thanks.
  13. Since there is a horngjel thread and a makrill thread As Its been such a hot spring arent water temperature a bit higher then normal in the fjord?
  14. Kustvatten

    fishing Oslo fjord in march

    General advice (I think) The two major solunar periods last for two hours or more and normally produce best results. Check out those days when they happen during sunrise or sunset for an extra boost. Tides in Oslo
  15. Kustvatten

    Going fishing in (on?) TJØME

    Not sure if im in the correct forum, admin can move this post then i guess But in a couple of weeks im going to TJØME and ofc want to bring my rods Any pointers of what to bring and where to fish? I got my #7 and #8 flyrods and some 13' spinningrod i will start using for baitfishing, what kind of fishing can be exspected there? Looks like a beautiful area and going to "The end of the world" always sound interesting