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  1. The exact spot is on the map here, the second poi south of Paradisbukta. Excellent spot in low tide it seems.. http://scandinaviancoasts.blogg.se/2018/april/working-on-a-fishing-spot-map-for-oslofjorden.html
  2. Just came back from a real nice trip to Bygdöy Is it possible that Bygdöy fishes best in low tide? Seems like we always get most fish while the tide is low.. We cought (C&R) more then 20 mackerell, maybe 3-4 was "foodsize" And a small cod.. BUT the most fun was... I just released one of those small 20ish cm mackerells, but i lost it so it hit a rock.. So it was swimming, hurt, in erratic cirles maybe 2 meters from the shore... Then in a huge SPLASH! A large seabass sucks in the mackerell... O.O Its literally 2 meters away from us!! I can see the backfin as its raised and its the size of my spread fingers.. Margrethe goes "ITS A SEABASS, ITS A SEABASS!!" (She know what they look like as iv forced her to watch "Havabbor" from Runar Kabbe... ) Its so stupid, i stand there trying to throw as far as i can... But then that lazyass, large seabass just swimms off.. 2 meters from the shore...
  3. Iv been fishing Bygdöy alot lately, lots of mackerell. If fishing at night theres always some seatrout and seabass around to. Not in numbers like the mackerell but theres some Been fishing real close to the bottom both with fly and lures, but the key during the day always seems to be fishing just above the bottom.
  4. No one? Does that mean that its like alot of places iv seen, every square cm is packed with sunbathing Norweigans and other tourists? No place to fish? Well will be heading there today, staying on a boat in the Tjöme guestharbour for a few days so will definately try to get some fishing in in the area Got access to car to so can move around a bit..
  5. So iv been fishing a bit from shore in Arguineguin.. :) Im not much for just sunbathing, i can take 20 mins before im bored, sweatting and red.. :D But my woman and her kid, love it so we normally combine our interests :) Brought my travel surfrod and a 9,5' 40-80gr spinningrod. Been catching loads of Lizardfish... The odd aquariumfishes of different species, been real fun :) I recommend it, next time ill bring my #7 flyrod i think instead of the surfrod.. :) http://scandinaviancoasts.blogg.se/
  6. OK thanks, will bring some flyrods with me. Is it shallow or can i fish deep with streamers etc?
  7. Hi dere! Kids are going to Bö Sommarland in June.. Im not much for bathing (Except involuntary ones while wading..) Is there some water around there that i can spend the day fishing with my flyrod? Preferably some streaming water but lake is fine to Im adaptive, got flyrod from #5 up to 225gr surfrod Just want to fish Thanks!
  8. I and a friend will spend the last weekend in June in Olso for some fishing. We will have access to a car. So he have never cought Cod or Pollock or the like, so that will be our focus. IS there some place, general area will be ok , Where we should go for Cod and Pollock of some size in the mid of summer? We will be fishing from the shore and will have access to gear from fly #5 to 225gr surfrods for baitfishing Any advice is much appreciated
  9. Anyone that owns this reel knows if there is only manual fold of the bale? No "automatic" fold?
  10. Hi dere! Can this reel be used with my 13' Lawson norweigan 30-18? For some "medium" type of coastal baitfishing? https://www.skittfiske.no/shimano/196796/shimano-medium-baitrunner-xtb-longcast Never used a Shimanoreel, (Or a baitrunner) do they handle saltwater "good"? Or will they just rust up and fall apart? thanks!
  11. Anything resembling a baitfish or a shrimp Some spots on a map im working on. http://scandinaviancoasts.blogg.se/2018/april/working-on-a-fishing-spot-map-for-oslofjorden.html
  12. So i would like to add some flatfish to my list of cought fishes.. I have never fished That in my entire life, so zero experience. What kind of bottom Environment and depth should i look for? Iv been looking at different tackles mentioned here, so will try to rig some up Im located in Oslo, some area more suited to try?
  13. How would you rate the population? Is It scarce, growing in numbers But declining in size?
  14. Thats nice Going to Oslo this weekend again, hoping on netting at least one SB this summer Havent really been targeting it speciffically (As im not really read up on areas and time of day early season ) But i did buy the "Havabborr på flue" DVD :)...
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