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  1. Hi there. May be a weird question but I have just moved to Oslo. I am a keen fisherman. Salt water and fresh water, boat or land. Also a spear fisherman. I would like to see if anyone would be keen to go fishing. Don’t know many people in Norway yet and it’s always nice to have a buddy to go fishing with. I generally go for sea trout and cod but just bought my freshwater license so keen on lakes too. I generally spin fish but am most probably going to invest in a fly rod too. if your new or know the waters, I’m keen to join you fishing! Tight lines or as they say in Norwegian, shit Fiske.
  2. Yeah I got 2 small trout but was still a nice day out! Unfortunately I’m off to instanbul on thurs then back to South Africa for a Fishing comp but will be back in August. Could u send me ur phone number. Will contact u when I return!
  3. Spent the afternoon at paradisbukta. Few fishermen around. Not loads of action. Got 2 small trout. Out in around 4 hrs of fishing . U at solvik or?
  4. Yeah it was very I ey so didn’t fish long . Westerly winds are on shore making casting a nightmare. Probably gonna go out again on Tuesday though. I caught another trout and 2 cod a couple days back. Any news of fish coming out ur side?
  5. Lol!!! Ok cool.. I’m probably gonna fish paradisbukta beach and towards the harbor do not same area this time around
  6. I was fishing in the same area yesterday. Those fish are from that area. I caught another 2 cod and a sea trout today( this afternoon). Sea trout had a big black mark on its head. Fungus or something ???
  7. Not too bad a day yesterday. 2 nice size sea trout and my 2nd cod this week. If u look at the first trout this wil give an idea of the spoon I used. Made some tasty beer battered fish and chips out fo the cod and will smoke the trout tomorrow.
  8. Yeah I’m out here at the moment. Seems very quiet at solvik. Going to try ulvoya. Do you recommend any other spots? Let me know if ur keen to head out when ur free. Would like to join!
  9. I’m probably going to try Lysaker, fornebu and rolfstangen today. Want to try find warmer waters. Where is Bygdoy?
  10. That’s awesome I should be heading out today to throw a line. Bygdoy? By the Fram museum?
  11. My number is +4790111603 . Let me know whenever you’re free
  12. Hey guys! Awesome forum. So I’m trying my luck for sea trout. I’m here until the 24 April. If anyone is keen to join, pls let me know! i did try yesterday at Solvik and Sydstranda. No luck. Saw no rises or no chases. Was using a spoon and a paddle tail drop shot. Maybe waters too cold? I generally fish in South Africa. Generally action is quite fast and a fast retrieval and have been told the retrieval should be quite slow due to very cold waters and fish being sluggish. Need to try find a technique as reeling in slowly with a lure doesn’t feel right . Any tips or places that you guys suggest?
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