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  1. Popa Gergő

    Getting the fish from the plants

    Great, thank you so much, should try that today!!
  2. Popa Gergő

    Getting the fish from the plants

    Hi! I use monofilament line with braided leader. The line is 0.55
  3. Hi! I am trying to fish on the open sea for cods. Most of the time when I have a bite on my bottom-fish rig, I set the hook, and at once I’ve been taken into the plants by the fish. Sometimes I manage to land the fish, if it is smaller fish, but most times, my line breaks there. What is the way to land those fishes? I feel by the bite that those ones I cannot land are quite big ones.
  4. Dear forumers! i have got this rod from a friend. I’ve been fishing with it quite a while, and it seems to be a strong fast action rod, but I would like to know more about it. I mean power, line capacity, etc. It is a Cormoran Cortec Karpfenrute, if I am not wrong, but I did not find anything on the internet. Is there anyone who could help me? I am specially interested about line capacity.