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  1. Hi daggad i have no access to a boat, I’m basically here on my own type of thing, I wait for the spring to come, but still enjoying doing the research
  2. Ok guys I’ve decided to go pike fishing, as the sea fishing was not what I expected, I have an diawa 8 wt rod ( feels heavy) so any of you guys recommend a good floating line, going to try my luck fly fishing for them, if anybody has one to sell that would be good...thanks
  3. Hi Josteink well I’ve just done strome bro on Monday, fished tide up for about 2 hours, then went under the bridge and fished tide down for a few hours....not a thing, used mackerel, herring, prawn and a bit of spinning, nothing...on the fly fishing, I brought over my gear and got a floating ( Rio) line, it has to be the worst line I have ever tried to cast, just cannot get the memory out of it, I’m actually thinking of taking the head off the line and just joining a good quality running line ....turning it into a shooting head type of thing, I’ve got a 7 wt floating line here but the rod is an 8 wt , I have got a line and other gear in the post from the uk....but not arrived yet ( probably lost) I have a bit of fly tying gear here with me...please send a picture of the fly you use I’ve never seen cod in the water much, however I did see a few in the water off the the bridge looking into the water of lungegardsvannet , was trying to catch sea trout between the bridges ( small grass verge) would cod caught here be ok to eat?. is there any place in particular you could recommend sighting for cod, I’ve been mainly doing deep water with bait ( without success) a position highlighted on a map would be good if I have tb honest, I’ve been to some places that you would think good fishing and nothing, bit disappointed so far, but I keep on t trying stewart
  4. Hi Josteink that attachment looks good for details...and pictures of where I should be thanks
  5. Hi Josteink ive been to nordnes tonight, two small dog fish, was not there too long, had one tremendous bite ...but did not come back, yea when the ice melts maybe can get some pike fishing done ( never fished for these before)I’m looking forward to using my fly gear for sea fishing, but have to wait till fish are chasing lures ( what would be the earliest for that?) cannot wait to get a decent pollock or cod on a fly. one thing I have noticed here most lakes seem to be taken by people’s houses...and not a great deal of places to fish, I’ve only been here just over a month so still learning about the place, but I agree with what you say , put the hours in and I should get the fish. i went salhus Kai last week and not one bite, the week before I had wrasse to 4 lb and lots of bites, I think this place a high water mark, I normally like rock edges with water at my feet, but still fairly safe, don’t do the mountain goat stuff, but I will google earth your advised lakes. any good marks where I can get a fly out for cod and pollack would be appreciated br stewart
  6. Hi been in Bergen for over a month now, fished with lures for quite a bit....not a lot, switched to bait with mixed results salus Kai caught some fantastic wrasse on supermarket prawns ( next to swimming pool) nordnes just a small pollack bontalebo , had one mackerel ( very small) a few wrasse, couple of pollock strome bro one good cod on spinner 3 bridges in Bergen one good cod on plastic worm back of airport ( next to ferry landing) one big dab that is my Total, need to know of anymore places to fish, access by public transport only, was thinking of going for trout, sea ,brown or rainbow, any info where I can fish for these would be great, I am also thinking of maybe spinning or fly fishing for any sea fish or pike, sea spots where I can cast a fly out would be good, and same for pike, I have eventually got frozen bait fish from Asian store....just really need some good sound advice on the area I am living...eg, strome bro...does it only fish on high water? And what side is best? lot of questions I know but any info I would be grateful thanks
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