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  1. Thank you for the advice, I got the same from the shop Torshov Sportsfiske. This works fine, now!
  2. Hello, I tried to fish yesturday morning but I got a problem with our 2 reels. The brake didn't work any more due to the cold (it worked again back home). Is there a special treatment to do on the reel to make it work correctly in winter, like a special oil? If so where can I provide some in Oslo sentrum? Thank you for your advice
  3. Hello, is the area of Bjørvika near the akerselva mouth worth fishing? Best
  4. Hello, Thank you for your responses. I would be using public transportation and we use artificial lures. Best,
  5. Hello, I will be coming to Oslo from france the first week of march and I would like to fish with my son. Is their any spots you could recommend us? Is shore fishing ok at this period or should I need to find a boat? Great thanks