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  1. Hi, Thank's a lot Josteink your advices are perfects, I have catch three pollacks in two sessions, one was huge (for me from the shore) in Røynholm. On this picture the knife measures 20 cm. Sport 1 is a nice place, so great to have near my house. Thank's !
  2. Hi Josteink, Thank's a lot for your reply and details, it's really a big help. I will take with me a 3000 or 4000 reel and a lighter rod if I fish in fresh water. Great when I arrived, I will go see this shop, thank's. With this rod i'm use to fish with shads from shore, I use small shad weight between 10 to 15 gram but the power of my rod is between 10 to 30 grams. I will be able to fish with heavier lures ! After raking the web, I had some informations about what style of lures used, rather heavy to go deep an bright colors. Here some examples. What do you think ? In terms of fhreswater fishing, what is good to use ? I don't have a car but a backpack and a tent! Yes I really want to discover Norway through hiking and if i'm lucky, feed myself feshly caught fish. The internet links wil be really useful,thank's a lot.
  3. Hello everyone, I am going to the lovely town of Rosendal for a few months and I really want to fish there! I would like to know the fishing possibilities in this area. I was planning to fish in the fjord but after looking at the map, I realised that there are lakes near Rosendal! I would like to try fishing in fresh water, but I dont know the techniques and gear that are needed. And I believe that a fishing permit is needed isn’t it?I'm used to fish in Brittanny with lures from the shore whith a spinning rod of 2,4m with a 2500 reel, but I think that my equipment is a little bit light for fishing from the shore in the fjord... However is it possible to use it for the lakes fresh water? Do you know nice places around Rosendal? Is it possible to eat fish from the hardangerfjord ? What fishing techniques did you use to fish from the shore in a fjord? Thank you very much for your help, Thomas
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