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  1. Thnx Dagdad, Nice to hear that you are confident about ST on Averøy. I did check out Smøla. Found that there are no campsites. Maybe camping in the wild will be an option. Otherwise Nothaugen Fiskecamping looks like a nice place to stay also. 'We will see . But thnx for your response. Much appriciated. Kind regards, Martin
  2. Hi Josteink , Thank you for your time and info. Handy all those links and maps. I found a nice campsite near The Atlantic Road on a small Island. It is called Lysø Camping and Rorbu Rentals, 6530 Averøy. On the map I can see many places where I can find wading possibilities and sheltered inlets. Must be some nice currents to from the tide I suspect. Do you know this place? We planned to visit there also during our trip. Nice small camping. Looks not so cultivated. Tight lines, Martin
  3. Hej PzN, Thank you for taking time to a respond to my post. We do not have a fixed route yet. We will probably came ashore in Kristiansand and the drive up the coast. No haste, no limits, just hoping to find the beautiful spot in the wild or on a camping site. Preferably a camping spot near the shore where I can wade and fish for seatrout . Best regards, Martin
  4. Hi, I am Martin from Holland. This summer (June 2019) we (my wife and I) will be taking our summer holiday on the west coast from Norway. I recently found this forum and hope to find sound advice on fishing spots for seatrout in the fjords. Normally I fish the Danish coast for the silver torpedo. If possible we hope to camp near the shore on the more rural locations (in the wild or on a campsite). We hope to avoid the more crowded locations . Can you help me finding these spots so not to waste all the time we have to find a suitable spot? I will mainly fish wading the shoreline (as I am used to do in Denmark). Hope to hear from you soon. Tight lines, Martin