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  1. so on the one of the links you sent me they are talking about Pacific salmon in Norway. is this because of the fish hatcheries? because there is a lot of salmon in our supermarket that says its from norway and pacific salmon... another follow up question: do people fish for salmon in the fjords too? I understand that the rivermouth is regulated most of the time but do salmon bite when they go up the fjords to their river? or do people target them in the fjords? thanks again for the links you sent! they are really helpful
  2. do you have to preorder the salmon license or can i just go to a tackle shop when i'm there and buy it. The route isn't decided yet and I don't want to buy the license for a place I'm not gonna fish... Also do you use spinners and spoons in the rivers or do you go for eggs and a float setup? unfortunately my flyfishing experience is almost zero but i will definitely bring a flyfishing rod as well
  3. Hi thank you for your reply the cabin is close to vikoyri in the Stolsheimen National park. i heard it is a good salmon river too but how much would be the license to fish for salmon in the river? and I suppose june is a good time for salmon fishing? of course it would be a dream to catch a seatrout but I think i found a good topic on this forum which already covers it.
  4. Hi all. after dreaming about visiting Norway for a camping/hiking/fishing trip i finally get to do one! I will be leaving in June taking the ferry to Kristiansand and then driving up to Bergen and Sognefjord where I have rented a cabin. Do you guys have any tips for fishing in the region? I think i have decent chances for salmon and seatrout from waht i have read but are those fish endangered? I've read a lot about seatrout coming in in less and less numbers because of excessive fishing. if anyone here could help me out with a few tips (campsites, fishing spots etc.) and also maybe a website where i can read up on numbers and regulations in english that would be great because i really couldn't find a lot of information on that. However i really appreciate being finally able to go to Norway and fish there. Any help is appreciated at the same time I understand if you don't want to give out too much information about your favorite spots tight lines and greetings from Austria
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