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  1. Thank you all so far for the comments ! Keep them coming @FatCatRenting a boat is also an option for 1-2 times, but not for more as my wife is not the biggest fishing fan I have a big selection of Jensen Pirken and similar spoon lures for Seatrout fishing here in Baltic and Northsea, though most of them are in the lighter side (14-25gr) I will have to get some heavier ones considering the currents there. @Ølgylt Interesting facts. I might try bait fishing even though I prefer spinning , Tehre are some many species possible tha make it interesting ! I never thought about Wrasse. They are beautiful and we have a few species in Greece an was a beginenrs fish when I grew up there. A question though I noticed here : https://www.fiskeridir.no/English/Fishing-in-Norway/Sea-angling-in-Norway that they are protected all year long . Why is that I thought the popualtion of them was quite big. Campelen also looks interesting and it is good to know that a good tackle shop is quite close. I definitely need more sea tackle gear and visitng a local shop is also great for tips and getting lures that apply for the area. Cheers, Alex
  2. Hi all, I am planning to visit Norway for the first time in Mid July 2022. We will be staying in South Osterøy, not very far from Osterøy Bridge. And obviously the reason I am here is to get some fishing tips (even though the trip is a family trip, I would love to go fishing a few days with my kids). My background is mostly in lake, river spinning for Pike, Zander, Perch, also spinning for Salmon in Denmark (Skjern river). I live in Germany (Hamburg) for the past 11 years). Only sea fishing I have done here is for Sea trout from shore in Spring and Autumn. I used to fish a lot in the sea in Greece where I am originally from, but that fishing (Seabass, Bream ,etc) has probably nothing to do with the type of sea fishing in Norway, apart maybe from Mackerel with Sabiki rigs. Here are my questions, hopefully it will not be to overwhelming and you might be able to help me a bit. 1. Equipment. I am a passionate spinning angler and ideally I would prefer some spinning with shads, plastic etc lures for Pollock, Cod from shore. Most of my Zander , Pike rods might be too delicate. I am thinking of buying a couple of 2.50 - 2.70 rods with casting up to 70-100 grs with 4000 role, braided 0.16 - 0.18 and fluo leader. Is it a good combination or would you suggest something other ? Some good lures you would suggest keeping in mind the area and fish ? 2. July in that area near(but also +- 1-2 Hrs drive is not an issue). What are my chances, which species should I aim for (preference to Pollock, Haddock, Cod etc). I am not in the hunt for records, just wish to enjoy fishing with my kids. From an initial "gut feeling " looking though maps, photos and depths, it seems that under the Osterøy Bridge, would be a pretty decent place. Any one has experience there or around the area to suggest. What time of the day is better ? I found an app called Fiskher, is the information in there accurate should I install it or even get the premium version ? 4. I generally catch and release fish, but occasionally I might keep one to eat. Do you know if the water there are clean and safe, because I read some article about areas around Bergen. 5. Freshwater fishing for Pike , Trout ,etc . Is it worth it in the area are there any lakes you can suggest. I think that covers it initially. Sorry in advance for the length of my first post but really looking forward to your feedback All the best, Alex
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