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Make your own homepage with FS!

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Make your own homepage - first month free!

Now you can fast and easily make your own homepage - about yourself, fishing, photos, football, your dog etc etc. This is possible with the help of pre made guides and templates which turns making your own homepage into a piece of cake!

Together with simplesite.com FS can offer you help with getting your own homepage. You dont need any knowledge of programming or other technical knowledge, you are guided through the process. If you can get online, you can do this!

This way you can fast and easily make your own personal homepage about whatever YOU want!

Just follow the simple guides made by simplesite.com FREE trial period of 30 days!

Getting started

With our design-tools you can choose from hundreds of templates, and easily give your homepage the look you want.

A world of possibilities

Your homepage needs content - with our ready-made templates its easy to get your content on your homepage.


Fishing journal





Also for entertainment:




…..and much more.

You can personalize these options, for example make puzzles for friends using your own photos!

Get started - try for FREE


Choose ”start own homepage”

Choose your homepage-name and password and you are ready!

Have fun!

The guestbook

Guestbooks can be used for messages, competitions etc and creates interaction on your homepage - dont forget the guestbook option!

Having your own homepage gives you the opportunity to present stuff that might disappear in the high activity in the FS forums. You can of course link to your homepage in your signature, and discuss your homepage here in the forums!

You have to use Explorer when starting and editing your homepage.

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