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Fishing lake in South-/ West- or Middle-Norway reachable with public transport (bus or train)

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Thank you for providing this forum also for non-norwegian speakers!

I am travelling around in Norway and i am looking for a good fishing region for fishing in a lake. The problem is, i dont have a car, so i rely on bus or train to get there. It is really hard to find a lake,with public transport connection. I tried now for 4 hours without success. So maybe you locals could help me... 

I am in the Bergen area right now and after that i want to travel north. A tip in the Bergen area is also most welcome. I want to go fishing after the 20. August. I have a big backpack with me and dont mind walking a bit, but the walking distance from the public transport to the lake should be under 2km, or best even shorter. I have a tent with me and i planned on camping while fishing. I dont mind camping in the nature, without a campsite, i am prepared for that. But i dont mind using a campsite either. I planned on staying something around 4-7 days. It would be nice if there would be more than one lake reachable, but for now i am happy with one lake too ;) i mostly fished for trout before, with natural bait. But i think, you use more arificial lures here in norway. Nevertheless i have some lures with me. The rod is 2,70m, 30-60g throwing weight. For natural bait i would have to use a local tackle shop or searching for worms. If possible, a nearby (<4 km) grocery store would also nice. 

If someone has also a recommendation for a simple cabin by a fishing lake, i would gladly take that, too.

Thanks in advance


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