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A begginer wants to go fishing in Bergen

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Hey guys, 

I am gonna be in Bergen for 2 month apprx and I would like to go fishing sometimes. Here are some concerns and any advice will be appreciated:

Ive caught some trouts in Scotland before  but I was never expert in it. So was wondering what size of hook, line etc should I usually use when fishing around here of course it depend what I look for, or is it better to go for ready hooks or its ok to use live baits too ( warms, etc)? Any suggestion about where I could find some live baits if needed? Basically I appreciate any advice from you guys. I tried trout fishing in myrdalsvatnet yesterday but no success ;). Will get better eventually with your kind advice.



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Live baits are banned in Norway, the only exceptions are worms and maggots.

For sea trout 0.12 - 0.15mm braid is common, browns 0.10 - 0.12mm. 0.20-0.28mm mono or fluoro carbon leader depending on conditions (still water/ocean).

The high summer temperature is not ideal for trout fishing as the fish tends to go deeper if the water temps gets to high, mornings tends to be preferable in warm weather.

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