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  1. justinhawxhurst

    Gear question

    Thank you
  2. justinhawxhurst

    Gear question

    What would theses be called in Norwegian?
  3. justinhawxhurst

    Kart fish symbol

    Ok they must be old maps then as there aren’t any farm there. thank you that makes sense though
  4. justinhawxhurst

    Kart fish symbol

    What are these symbols on the sea charts?
  5. justinhawxhurst

    spiral wrapped fishing rods

    Thank you
  6. justinhawxhurst

    spiral wrapped fishing rods

    Any idea who sells spiral wrapped rods in Norway?
  7. justinhawxhurst

    Getting the fish from the plants

    I use 25kg brade and 20kg floro leader. Have only lost fish do to poor knot or not re tying leader often.
  8. justinhawxhurst

    Deeper pro +

    Any input on the deeper pro +? Pros? cons?
  9. justinhawxhurst

    Cod depth

    Any advice on depths to target cod in hardangerfjord this time of year
  10. justinhawxhurst

    Salmon Granvin

    Thank you
  11. justinhawxhurst

    Salmon Granvin

    I am trying to find out who to contact for a license to fish for salmon in the river where in flows through granvin into the fjord. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. justinhawxhurst

    Fjord fishing near voss

    Anyone have a report on the fishing in the fjords around Bergen or further inland
  13. justinhawxhurst

    fish name innorwegian

    What is the name of this fish in Norwegian? As well, can you fish with more than one rod in the fjord? Like having one out with bait and using another with a pilk. Justin
  14. Hei,lurte på abbor ruser priser ?



  15. justinhawxhurst

    Salmon hardangerfjord

    I live in voss and fish around granvin and the Hardangerfjord that is close for driving. Does anyone have any idea as to how the salmon run is doing this year? I just got home from a month trip and have not been out lately.