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  1. I run a fishing charter and guide company in Voss. I do trips on Hardangerfjord out of Granvin and Ulvik but can also do other areas of Hardangerfjord. I can help with some local area advice. Have a look at Voss Fishing on Facebook and send me a message if you have any questions.
  2. I am going to be in Jondal next week. Any idea of how the fishing has been around there?
  3. Has anyone been catching skate in the fjords around Bergen?
  4. What would theses be called in Norwegian?
  5. Ok they must be old maps then as there aren’t any farm there. thank you that makes sense though
  6. What are these symbols on the sea charts?
  7. Any idea who sells spiral wrapped rods in Norway?
  8. I use 25kg brade and 20kg floro leader. Have only lost fish do to poor knot or not re tying leader often.
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