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New to Trondheim


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I might be moving to Trondheim next Summer and would appreciate all the info on the fishing possibilities near the city (<20km, the closer the better). Preferably I would fish with a single hand fly rod (3-9 weights) for mackerel, pollock, pike, chub, trout, char, salmon, whatever. I'm not interested in filling my freezer with fish but rather having a frequent chance for decent fishing with a possibility of a bite every now and then :) Nidelva would have the optimal location, but is it completely closed outside salmon season? Would I get arrested or hospitalized for practising my cast there without a fly during off-season?

Additionally, I might tie a pile of flies to pass the time. Is there a way to sell them legally in Norway without founding a company?



Ps. I'm also interested in ice-fishing, so all tips related to that are also welcome.





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- You can fish for trout in upper parts of Nidelva all year except 15.sep - 15.nov. Fishing licence is 400kr/year.

- No law against practicing flycasting in the rivers off-season. Use some yarn on the leader.

- Easiest way to get rid of your fly surplus is to sell them on Facebook. Become a member of the "Fluefiske-Kjøp,Salg,Bytte,Gi Bort" group.

Hopefully some locals can give you information on differt areas/spots in here, but these forums is not what they used to be. Most people have joined different FB groups..

Enjoy your stay :)

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