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Ice Fishing in within 100 km from Otta

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I am looking for a ice fishing spots around my area, also I am new to ice fishing so I am gratefull for any information.


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Her are two places i know about.

Pt 1 vågåvatnet

Here you can get both char and trout. The lake is easy to get to with road close to the water on both sides, and there is easy to catch fish there, special the char. They are mainly small, and in large numbers. But take a little care with the ice in the ends of the lake because of the river in and out, the safest places is at the middle. Nice place for a short afternoon trip, and a little over 1/2 hour from otta

Pt 2 flatningen

Here you can get char at a little bigger size. But you probably have to use ski to get there, the road is not held open in winter time. There is about tree km from lemonsjøen on ski, but easy terrain along a forest road. Look for old holes. If the holes are marked with a stick or branch or something, look for a tag on them. If they are marked, an there is a tag with name on and a date not older than a week, it means the holes ar fed, and its not allowed for others to fish there. Older than a week, the area is free.

Hope this is of interest for you

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Gålåvatnet is pretty close to Otta. The icefishing for char is not bad and there is also som trout from time to time. The average weight on Gålå is quite good by southern Norway standards.
If you are looking for close to fish guarantee Håkåsætervatnet is a good option. Smaller average than on Gålå but there are some big fish there as well. 
Hattstod and Jomfrusto/Jamfrusto further south also has both trout and char, but I haven't fished there enough to have an idea about size and chances of fish.

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Great guys .

Thank You for Your help.

Today i visited Savalen lake, but I lost battle with a weather. -26 is more then I can take.

I managed to stay on ice for 3h , and i caught 3 chars, but all of them were small, so I released them.

Looking for some serious chalenge. 

Best Regards



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hello again

If you are willing to drive that far, maybe this lake could be something.


Atnasjøen is well known for very fine char, and good fishing. Just check the road conditions first, so you know you can get over venabygdsfjellet.

By the way, the char i got in flatningen in late nineties was average 300-500g. Very fine fish.

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