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Im planing on moving to Norway next year and I want to move to a place that allows me to have a relatively good fishing. Which places in Norway allows me to have a good fishing experience considering the following criteria...

- only fishing from land
- reachable by bike
- Any kind of fishing, spinning, fly, float, heavy ocean lures
- fishing pike, perch in rivers/lakes.
- Fishing trout in small streams

Is it worth fishing in the ocean if I can only do it from land? Will I be able to catch, flounder, cod, other fish if I live in Oslo or Bergen?
How does the fishing change if I live in the southern parts compared to the middle parts of Norway?


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Well, the north of the country has some of the best fishing in the world. And if you settle on the coast you will have the best of both worlds, both sea fishing and freshwater fishing. Some of the best salmon, trout, and charr lakes are right here. 
But we cant offer much pike or perch, except for in Finnmark where some rivers hold Pike. 
Else cod, wolf fish, coalf fish halibut, ling, cusk etc are all highly accesible from land, as well as sea trout. 

The south however holds more variety in species, hand have great fresh water fishing, but not so great sea fishing when it comes to abundance of catches, and size of the fish they catch. but somewhat makes up for it in greater number of different species. that we do not have in the north, like giant pike, bass, perch, but also trout, salmon and charr. 

As a matter of fact, you will have acess to fishing wherever you settle in Norway. But a smaller coastal town, or the outskirts of the larger cities,  my suit you better than Oslo or Bergen if access to fishing is the deciding factor for you.



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