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  1. Im living in Egersund, but im every weekend going fishing in Bråsteinvatnet, so there i catch only 2 sørv every time no more then two. Im also reales that fish because i wanna catch again next time but im mostly wanna catch Suter, im start fishing from 2021 in Bråsteinvatnet all summer every weekend and still cant find that Suter..
  2. Hello fishermans! im from Litauen and im verry like meitefisk. So wanna ask where is possibole to catch like Suter Sørv Karuss or Karpfisk, Bream. Maybe somebody fishing that type of fish and can share with my your spots and experience? Takk
  3. Hello please can you answer for my wich place in Bråsteinvatnet you catch that fish?:) im dreaming about that im try many spots and still didn catch anythink... i send you messege pa facebook
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