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More pictures, Less fish.

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After a lot of thinking about it I finally bothered to take a trip out to this fairly deep harbour area after work on friday.

First impressions... It's like Mad Max or some post apocalyptic world. Scenery is... well, a bit on the industrial side.




Apart from the piles of wood this place is entirely dominated by this bit of a platform:


No hiding from it:


So, there I am (all dressed for Siberia while the sun is splitting the sky :lol: ) but where to fish from? The front of the harbour wall is the natural choice to face the deep water so after a little investigation I found a free spot in front of the wood that lines the harbour. Very tricky to get to carrying surf rods, pods, bags n' all that!

Looks a little something like this up close:



And like this from a way back:


After setting up and getting underway I was struck that it only takes an amateurish overhead cast to end up in some pretty deep water :)

Once the lead had finally touched down the tip started bouncing with little nuisance bites but nothing that could swallow a 6/O AKI and lump of mackarel so there was a lot of striking at nothing and hanging my gear up... this ground is pretty rough with a very steep slope with many overhangs.

After playing cat and mouse with the little mouths nibbling on my bait I eventually hooked something...

Deformed Starfish... De Ja Vu:


I had another cast and got hung up pretty quick after a bite. I put a bit much pressure on the rod and ping!... lost about a hundred metres of braid :) and sure enough I hadn't packed any spare so I had to top off with mono... the spool of which also decided to roll away and dive into the sea, luckilly after I had tied it on so with the spool in the water I still managed to spool up :lol:

So new line, new leader, new rig, new lead and I'm underway again. i ditched the large AKI's and went for a 3/0 on a jelly worm and baited with mackarel and the result was...

My first Norway Redfish! :D :


After that there was grillin and drinks, the lovely evening gave way to a lovely night and all that was left was to pack up and go home... and then go out flyfishing til midnight :D

getting dark:


Got dark:



Shame there wasn't more fish but it was a nice trip and I'll probably visit there again sometime. I think if I'd gone earlier and fished smaller there would have been more fish... perhaps next time :)

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Like your new reports :)

I prefer to fish on the concrete "pier"

There was a boat on the long pier (last pic) and people working in that area so i was trying to stay out of the way a little. Where I was was ok to fish from... only lost one rig ( and 100m braid) the whole time. Pretty impressive place, everything is on such a large scale.

I need to visit more interesting places to keep the reports fresh... wondering where to go next :lol:

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