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Fishing in/around Bergen

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  • 4 weeks later...

A short update about my recent fishing activities:

The last few weeks I concentrated my efforts to Breistein, but apart from a small Lange and some small sharks fishing was really slow. Last  weekend success returned. On a short evening session at Nordasstraumen (Fyllingsdalen) I got a 73cm Torsk on a no-action shad and a slightly smaller one on a streamer. On sunday I made a trip to Masfjorden with a friend. During daylight I tried the current of the hydropower outflow Matre for salmon. Didn't get a salmon but a nice Lyr and Torsk, both on fly. In the evening we changed place to deeper water dropping mackerel chunks to the bottom. After landing 2 Lange I hooked something huge. After a 15 minute fight a huge conger eel came to the surface. I could't land it (at the third attempt to set the gaff the hook came loose), but my colleage was able to take some pictures. Its really hard to estimats how big it was (it looked monstrous) but as it seemed to be clearly bigger than the 1,58 Lange we believe it was somewhere between 1,7 and 2 meters in length.

So motivation is back and am looking forward to future fishing sessions. Maybe I'll pay Bontelabo a visit aftter abandoning it for some time. Has anyone fished there recently or knows something about recent catches?









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Hi Christoph and rest of the community! I have just arrived in Bergen and was hoping to get some fishing done. I unfortunately dont have a car and I saw the fish shop (Campelen) is closed tomorrow :( I have my Procaster with me and quite a few lures. I was hoping you guys could recommend me spots nearby that i can go by bus perhaps and what kind of lures you feel would work best? Im not too picky, just hoping to bring a nice fish for dinner home! Thanks a lot!! 


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