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Mysterious fishing rod

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Dear forumers!

i have got this rod from a friend. I’ve been fishing with it quite a while, and it seems to be a strong fast action rod, but I would like to know more about it. I mean power, line capacity, etc. It is a Cormoran Cortec Karpfenrute, if I am not wrong, but I did not find anything on the internet. Is there anyone who could help me? I am specially interested about line capacity. 




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6 timer siden, omikk skrev:

Line capacity of the rod? I guess you would like to know capacity of the spinning reel)

I think he means how strong line he can use on it. Foreigners use the breaking strain of the line measured in lbs  classify rods, rather than casting weight as we do. This is refered to as the line weight of the rod.

So he wants to know what breaking strains of line he should stay within for this rod to avoid damaging it by using to strong a line. In Norway we we do not care about that and simply put on line according to the weight of fish we will get, or the conditions we are likely to meet where we fish, and assume the rod will be strong enough and on the light spinning tackle we normaly use this is not an issue.

Like me on my UL rod it's meant for 2-8 lb monofilament fishing line. And can cast 1-8 gram lures. 

However on Popa Gergos rod appears to  be a carp rod, and in carp fishing they classify the rods according to how much weight it takes to bend the rod in a 90 degree angle. In this case it is 2 1/2 LBs with a lure weight of 20-60 grams. 

My advice for the op would be to simply put on whatever line thickness is within the limits of his reel size, and stay within the lure weights of 20-60 grams and he should not have a problem. 


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