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Lofoten and Hardangervidda

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Hi I am a fly fisherman from the UK (and trying to find a way to live/work in Norway).

I am visiting Lofoten this March and the hopefully driving back out early April to Hardangervidda to snowboard/snowkite.

I'd like to have a chance to fish too. I know it's probably too early up North but was thinking I might try for some sea trout on south coast while going for return ferry ( I tried briefly last year)

I am more interested when would be a good time for a return visit later in the year. I have friends in Lofoten and Geilo area and I'd love to visit (and fish!) when the snow has gone! I'm guessing there is great fly fishing on Hardangervidda but not sure about Lofoten (my friend did send me some photos of some sea trout he caught on spinning gear from a boat)

Any help or advice would be great thankyou

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Thankyou, Sorry for the late reply! 

I think they call that type 2 fun?

I did wonder about the mosquitoes, are they pretty much all season in summer? I'm more drawn to fishing in cooler than hotter conditions. I'm now thinking I might try to get to Hardangervidda/Geilo to see if there is much snow kiting end of April/early May and then maybe head south looking for some trout on my way to the ferry.

If I could get another trip to Lofoten later in the year when would be good time for trout/sea trout please and if anyone has links for guides that would be great, or do I just get a permit and start hiking ;)

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