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Flyfishing for trout near Oslo in early June

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Hello, all,

Thank you for your hospitality in hosting this forum!

I will be at a conference in Oslo June 6-8 and was hoping to get in day or two of fly fishing for trout near Oslo. I know there are lots of amazing lakes with great trout fishing, but I would prefer stream/river fishing, as this is my favorite. I am also willing to drive beyond Oslo to fish, especially if there is a place to stay overnight, but probably not more than a couple of hours drive from Oslo, since I don't have a lot of time.

Any recommendations for streams or rivers? Guides? Anyone want a fishing buddy to practice their English with? : )

I would be grateful for any and all tips!

Thank you,

David P. (from Boston)

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9 timer siden, sjøsprøyt skrev:

Oslo is like fishing in a dirt tank, I'd suggest go up north - like closer to the polar circle.

Ikke glemt at Oslo-folk er sarte sjeler som fort blir krenka! 

Jeg legger ved bilde av en urban laks. Tatt ca 50 meter fra Mathallen i Oslo sentrum. Under brua i bakgrunnen pleier en av byens løse fugler å tilbringe natta, og man bør se opp for brukerutstyr. Taggingen er bare til pynt, og tilfører fisket en ny dimensjon. IMG_9252.thumb.jpeg.27c45a225f8f87f0847909346794cf38.jpeg

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