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New to Norway - advice on Mackerel season etc

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Hi Guys,

First off great site and great forum! Already found some great advice!

I am new to Norway, transferred here by company. I recently bought some fishing gear (2 spinning rods) and a selection of lures etc.

I have been fishing mostly off the floating pier in Holmen and caught LOADS of Mackerel and Garfish using standard sliding float setup and drift baits.

Also caught 2 fairly small Sea Trout (about 3 lbs each) and a bunch of large Mackerel from the rocky outcrops/peninsula in Sjostrand/Vollen (Elnestangen).

Until when can one expect to catch Mackerel in the Fjord around Oslo? Do they stay here until August? Also, I have been told that those 2 Sea Trout this time of the year in the Fjord was just dumb luck, as they are mostly around rivers now??

Any spinning/float fishing advice for Mackerel and Sea Trout will be greatly appreciated, as I am still learnign the techniques required in Norway.

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I've caught mackeral in every month of the year in the west, I imagine it's possible in Oslo area too. Summer through autumn being the most abundant months and springtime being the leanest. You can also catch them from under the sea ice in winter.

Mackeral is harder not to catch than catch. If you fish light gear, there is nothing better than a møresild spoon lure, it is pretty much a go to lure for both mackeral and sea trout. If you are after a pile of mackeral for bait use a mackeral trace (tinsel type) above a heavier lure.

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Welcome to Norway and this site. :)

Depending largely on the weather, but usually the first schools of mackerel comes into the inner Oslofjord around May 1 and stay here until September early October. But as AH said, some of them stay behind even during the winter and you will catch them from the ice as well.

A 3 lbs seatrout in the Oslofjord is not bad at all. :) It is by no means unusual to catch them in the fjord now, even later in the autumn you will catch seatrout that is surpassing this years spawning. (Often called "gjeldfisk" or "overløpere" in Norwgian). Elnestangen is a well known spot for seatrout.

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Holy Necromancer! And not just once, but twice! :o

Late summer/early fall is good. They arrive earlier, but mostly Pir (small mackerel) in the beginning of the season. Atleast that's my experience.

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