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Little help...


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This my first post, so in the beginning I am saying Hello!!!

Recently i moved to Otta, in Sel kommune.

I am big fan of Pike fishing, that`s why I wanted to ask about some good pike waters around me.

All I see around are rivers , perfect for trouts, but I have never benn fly fishing , so I would like to focus on something that I know.

Any ideas guys?

Best Regards.

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Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

I am not familiar with the area, but after what I can find on inatur (where you buy the licences), there are pike (gjedde) in the river Gudbrandsdalslågen. It states that there's pike from the Hunderfossen dam and downwards (and probably in the side rivers as well), but I have no idea if the fishing is good or where it's best to try...

I hope this was helpful, and I wish you good luck with your pike fishing! :)

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I hav been fishing a little around your area, and there is no pike waters there as far as i know.

Up around Vågå you can get char, And else there is trout, and a lot of grayling in the main river system, but it is mainly small.

You can go south of Lillehammer to find pike, But the river from Hunderfossen is no good place, the river runs a little to fast there. look at the map, most lowland lakes holds pike there, specially when you comes south of Brummunddal on the east side of Mjøsa.

You can also take this road over the mountain to Koppang in Østerdalen.


The chance for big pike is much better here, Glomma holds pike all the way from Røros. Look for calm areas or side ponds connected to the main river. the road is not a motorway, but it is no problem to drive over there, it will take you about two hrs to Koppang

Hope you have a car, if not you will struggle a little to catch pike

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I do have a car, so it`s not a problem. I do also have a inflatable 3m boat + 4hp yamaha so geting on a water is also not a problem.

What about this lake Furusjoen about ten km east from Otta?

What type of lake it is?

BTW i took a look around Gudbrandsdalslågen and i found fishing rules .

FLy fishing ONLY , so i am not gonna take my chances trying to fish there with regular spining rod.

Thank You for your help.

I would be gratefull for any further news about my area.

And maybe You guys have an idea about any good lake for pike fishing within 200km range, so it would make a sense to go ?

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Hei again

I have been fishing up around vågå an lesja , so i do not know about furusjøen, but i think there is only trout there, it is a mountain lake.

About flyfishing only, check a little more, it is possible this is about certain stretches only. If you go up ottaelva, there is no restrictions like this as far as i know, and there is some good stretches when you pass Lalm. For boat fishing for trout i vill recomend vågåvatnet. This lake allows motors up to 5 Hp, and you can get very fine trout there.

About pike,as I said, better go over the mountain to østerdalen. I cannot give any tips about this, i fish mainly with flyrod for fatfins, but i know there is good fishing for pike many places down from koppang. One place i know is a small pond called Fabrikktjønna at Rena, but there ar also many other places that way. Try google glomma+gjedde or glomma+fiske

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I agree With @cannonbang about Østerdalen. I was there a while ago and was surprised over all the good spots and Fish. In Østerdalen There is also very big Trout, so if you dont get any pike, you still have a chance to Catch a Fish. If you get enough pike for a season and want to go for Trout, you can go to Mistra in Rendalen. If you are Lucky you can meet Rapala Pro Guide Inge Rønning.

By the way, good Luck Fishing! :) 

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It may be too far away from your area, but anyways if you want to spend a weekend/holiday fishing there are definetively good oppertunities in Rendalen.
There are two waters with Pike in Rendalen; "Storsjøen" and "Lomnessjøen", a friend of mine took a Pike on 12 kg in Storsjøen last year. I heard they caught a 15 kg pike in Lomnessjøen the same year. The chance to catch pike is definetively biggest in Lomnessjøen, because  there are mostly trout in Storsjøen.

Lomnessjøen: You will definetively catch Pike, because it is full.
Storsjøen: If you catch pike, it will normally be a huge one.

"Storsjøsenteret camping" is a camp where you can spend the night, at a place called Åkrestrømmen (between the two lakes).

TIP: You can search after other fishing pounds on this map and find depths:


There are several waters with pike around Drevsjø, but it may be too far from Otta?
Mjøsa is also a good water for fishing Pike in the summer.

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